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About Me

At 11 years old I saved enough Sacajawea coins to buy my first point and shoot camera. Now some years later my love for photography has only grown and is now an occupation that coincides with being a stay at home mom (my other dream). As I pursue this love, I am also pursuing the love of my wonderful husband, and four sweet kiddos, but above all my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Winter? Snowflake? Does she do only winter time photography? Nope! My middle name is Winter, and though I often struggle to embrace the season, its not bad as a name!

My handsome husband Jared and I. Our relationship has been like a fairy tale, from the time I fell in love with him at 14 years old. 6+ years, a wedding, and four beautiful children later and I am still living that fairy tale/happily ever after.

Being a mother has been one of the most rewarding and wonderful blessings I could have ever imagined. Also, my favorite "models".

Our daughter Aubralee Dawn

Rosie & siblings (56 of 88).jpg

Our daughter Rosalie Josephine

Our son Kilian Allen

Our daughter Eliana Winter

Rosie & siblings (78 of 88).jpg
Rosie & siblings (88 of 88).jpg
Rosie & siblings (68 of 88).jpg

Contact Me

Located in the Superior WI area

Tel: 218-428-8305 call/text

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